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What is used to create a Modern Website

By on Aug 13, 2013 in Blog | 0 comments

Many of the old style websites were built using table structure. In fact there is still hundreds of websites online, which are struggling to get noticed by the search engines due to their table layouts. In the modern web design, tables are no longer used for the layout, due to the massive amount of excess code required for table structures. Another big flaw of the outdated websites is the on page use of styling code. With the use of CSS3 stylesheets, a web designer can put all of the styling code required for the web pages into one file. This file is later linked to all of the website pages, and instead having hundreds of lines of code on each individual page, the website will have only one line that will style the whole website.

CSS3 also brings the advantage of CSS animations, which do not require the use of JavaScript or Flash that were used previously and required a decent amount of coding space on your website. Another advantage of the new coding standards that came with HTML 5, is that the website code becomes friendlier to the search engines and tells them what information is held in each content container. This new feature allows search engines to find the relevant information much faster than it was in websites made for the earlier versions of HTML.

If your website is coded by the new standards, and has relevant search engine optimized content, it will definitely rise above your competition in the search engine rankings.

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